ABOUT - Pulse of HUmanity

We are Pulse of Humanity, a Japanese electronicore band from Tokyo. We started gradually with guitarist/programmer Kazz Ω, who has played heavy metal guitar for a long time and studied programming for this project.

We released our first demo “No Excuse” in June 3, 2017 for our first show: In this demo, former members of the band, guitarist Utchie and bassist Nickel, are playing.

We incorporate many styles of electronicore, with heavy metal and dance music to pump up our sound.

The band name comes from our desire and hope that as many people as possible will get positive feelings from our music.

Pulse of Humanity’s current lineup is comprised of vocalists Yuu and Ken the Metal☆, guitarist/programmer Kazz Ω, bassist Ishii, and drummer Taka.

2019.02.16 1st Full Album『SIGnAL』Drop

2022.02.18 『3Count』Drop

2022.16.11 Gt&Prg / Kazz Ω withdrawal

2022.12.01 Gt / hide & teru join, restarting

Pulse of Humanity

Gt&Prg / Kazz Ωを中心に結成、2017.06.03 1stデモ “No Excuse”をリリース。(デモには元メンバー、Gt / UtchieとBa / Nickelが参加)


2017.11にNickel脱退、Ba / Ishii加入と共にサポートで参加していたDs / Takaの加入。

2018.06.09 自主企画を最後にGt / Utchieの脱退により現ラインナップとなる。

2019.02.16 1stフルアルバム『SIGnAL』リリース。

2022.02.18 シングル『3Count』リリース

2022.06.11 Gt&Prg / Kazz Ω脱退

2022.12.01 Gt / hide,teru加入により再始動